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Farm Equipment Safety on Georgia Roadways
Improving Georgia's Yield...Behind the Wheel
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Improving Georgia's Yield...Behind the Wheel
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Improving Georgia's Yield...Behind the Wheel
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While driving on Georgia roads, you may encounter farm equipment. This equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes you will see a single vehicle, such as a tractor or combine. Other times the equipment will consist of a tractor with an implement in tow or a truck-pulled cotton or peanut wagon.

Farm equipment is designed to be used primarily in a field and is not designed to travel at typical highway speeds. Most farm equipment is designed to travel at speeds of 15-25 miles per hour. Farm equipment may be wider than other vehicles; perhaps even wider than the lane of travel. However, farm equipment must be operated on highways in order to travel between a farm and a field or from field to field.

This information brochure from GOHS and the Georgia Department of Agriculture provides the information you need to stay safe while encountering farm equipment on Georgia roads.

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Improving Georgia's Yield..behind the wheel, a joint GOHS/Department of Agriculture project on farm equipment safety on Georgia roads.
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